2005-06 Two American Premiere

Staged Readings

Queen Mother (1984)

A Neapolitan Black Comedy

by Manlio Santanelli (1938- )

Directed and translated

by Jane House

“… tragic, droll, spellbinding, and subtle”

(Eugene Ionesco)

December 15, 2005

Martin E. Segal Theatre

CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, NYC

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Largely unknown in the U.S., the ironic and engaging voice of Manlio Santanelli is widely heard in his native Italy and throughout Eastern and Western Europe and Russia, including the prestigious Avignon Festival. Santanelli first stepped into the light of European theatre with Emergency Exit (1979) which won the coveted IDI (Istituto Dramma Italiano) and ANCI (Associazione Nazionale dei Critici Italiani) awards. Several years later, in 1984, Regina Madre was recognized as a comic triumph. In 1987, Pulcinella, a tribute to the commedia dell’arte performers, came to Broadway in an Italian production directed by Maurizio Scaparro. The importance of his work has been recognized by the publication of a collection of six of his plays in Teatro (Roma: Bulzoni, 2005).

Enrico (John Fitzgibbon) returns home to his mother Regina (Judith Roberts) only to find himself embroiled in a tragi-comic psychic battle.

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An Evening with

Dacia Maraini

Readings from Mary Stuart, Camille, Notarbartolo

Directed by Jane House

PLUS Videos, slideshow, panel discussion with the playwright, and Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikov, co-directors of the Living Theatre.

May 3, 2006

Martin E. Segal Theatre, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

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Dacia Maraini, a prolific writer and prominent feminist, has written novels, poetry, plays, screenplays, investigative studies, essays, and political and social commentary. Her novel, Colomba (2004), is being translated into French, German, and English. She co-founded the Teatro del Porcospino in the 1960s and, in 1973, established the well-known feminist experimental theatre, La Maddalena, in Rome. Her plays are widely produced and include Mary Stuart, The Dreams of Clytemnestra, Dialogue between a Prostitute and her Client, Stravaganza, and Marianna Ucria. Several films have been made based on her books, and she has written screenplays for such directors as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Marco Ferreri, Carlo Di Palma, and Margarethe Von Trotta.

The Living Theatre, a unique avant-garde enterprise deeply committed to theatre as a medium for social change, was founded in New York City in 1947 by Judith Malina and Julian Beck. The company has staged more than 80 productions in eight languages in 25 countries on four continents—in traditional as well as non-traditional venues such as prisons, steel mills, slums, and schools. Since the death of Julian Beck in 1985, Judith Malina and company veteran Hanon Reznikov have been co-directors of the company.